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Флеш-моб, посвящённый дополнительной иммунизации против кори

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29 сентября 2015 года в ТРЦ «Керуен» специалистами ЦФЗОЖ г. Астаны и студентами медицинского колледжа «Даналы?» был проведен флеш-моб, посвящённый дополнительной иммунизации против кори лицам в возрасте от 15 до 19 лет.

Вакцинация защищает человека от опасного для него инфекционного заболевания, вакцина – это безопасно, вакцина не убивает человека, защищает не только его здоровье, но и бюджет его семьи.
Флеш-моб, посвящённый дополнительной иммунизации против кориФлеш-моб, посвящённый дополнительной иммунизации против кориФлеш-моб, посвящённый дополнительной иммунизации против кориФлеш-моб, посвящённый дополнительной иммунизации против кориФлеш-моб, посвящённый дополнительной иммунизации против кори
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Kyrgyzstan led a glimmer horde on 14 March 2019 as a major aspect of more extensive measures to build mindfulness and vaccination inclusion in the nation amidst an enormous measles flare-up.

Understudies of American University in Central Asia drove by a band playing unrecorded music, amazed customers at an enormous shopping center in Bishkek with an unannounced move execution. Their exhibition pulled in watchers who at that point remained to hear discourses by Dr. Ainura Akmatova, Head of Public wellbeing Department of the Ministry of the strength of Kyrgyzstan and Dr. Kubanychbek Monolbaev, Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization Program Officer, WHO Country Office in Kyrgyzstan, disclosing to guardians why it is essential to get their kids inoculated. They likewise clarified that with the measles infection at present coursing in the nation it is particularly significant not to defer any planned immunizations.

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A few occasions paving the way to and during European Immunization Week (EIW) 2019, occurring 24-30 April, are being composed by the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis and Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health. Written words conveyed to the late-evening time shopping swarm at the shopping center included locally situated inoculation cards and data concentrated on reducing guardians' interests, for instance by clarifying that vaccination is in accordance with WHO suggestions and is the most ideal approach to shield their kids from measles and different perilous antibody preventable infections. They likewise gave point by point directions on where families can go to get any missed portions.

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